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She accused them of taking away all that was dear to her.

Misty said that all Carly had done was get revenge and now it was her own turn, to get revenge on the enemy of her brother, Toby.

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She added that if it were not for Akiza, Carly would not have been killed by Sayer and she in turn would not have killed him.

So she blamed Akiza's "vile power" for the deaths of her brother, Carly and Sayer.

Akiza still refused to forgive the Dark Signers and challenged the two of them to a Tag Duel, with the player as her partner.

Having used her "Earthbound Immortal" during her Duel with Sayer, there were no souls left in the vicinity for Carly and Misty to absorb to Summon their "Earthbound Immortal" cards during the Duel.

When they lost the Duel, they told Akiza that he had only been playing at a fraction of their power, without the immortals.

However, they vowed to show her true meaning of terror, the next time they Duel.Akiza wept the death of Sayer, after they departed.Akiza tried to convince herself that Sayer could not have lost to the Dark Signers and that they only said they did to anger and confuse her.アキ, Izayoi Aki) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! As such, she left Duel Academy to seek salvation from her parents. Akiza has Psychic powers, which are unstable at first, causing her to become a pariah, labeled the Black Rose, or Black Rose Witch ( Akiza became feared due to her Psychic Dueling powers.However she became distraught after seeing them living peacefully without her.