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Going by the posters and the name alone, 10th Class might not be a great draw – you’d have to be the romantic equivalent of a pedophile to enjoy this, is the first impression you get from the name.

The story starts with Sandhya (Sunayana) saving Srinu (Bharat) from what looks like an accident – he is actually trying to commit suicide.

She gets closer to him and falls in love with him, but he tells her he is already happily married.

She is shattered, but one day discovers a diary where he’s written down his life.

The film then goes into the 10th class days of Srinu, describing his flaky and happy-go-lucky friends, his poor parents, and his sad academics.

They should’ve at least named it “Inter 2nd Year” – 10th class is too close to 9th class, and you’re setting a wrong precedent for future moviemakers who simply follow trends. However, 10th Class turns out to be a surprising revelation.

Partly because most of the movie is not set in the 10th class of the lead pair anyway.

And partly because the part that is indeed set in 10th class does not interest you for the romance, but for the memories it brings back of your own last days of school.