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Why do you find surrealism in Fashion Photography interesting ?

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Fashion photography lets you express yourself in a beautiful and aesthetic way while telling a story and caring for the details.If you could only choose one favorite photographer, who would it be, and why ?Guy Bourdin, because his work is so iconic, the colors, the strong women, the unique ideas.Can you tell us a little bit more about your studio Porcelaine ?Porcelaine is a project that I created with my partner and lovely friend the photographer Mariana García. But probably shooting with my stylist friend Nayeli, because we always get so excited and we have similar ideas and vision.

It’s based in Monterrey, Mexico and we started it because we needed a bigger team to work in commercial jobs. We are always jumping around and I have a lot of fun and it’s just a great environment to work. So we got associated (incorporated) and now it has evolved into founding P Magazine along with the design studio Face. You currently live in Paris ; do you plan on staying there ? I would love to live in Japan or Mexico City in the future. Right now I’m good with Paris and absolutely love living there but I don’t like making long term plans. I’m vegetarian and strong supporter of animal welfare. I sometimes work but when I don’t it varies between watching TV series or going to picnics, a bar or a restaurant. I am not so aware of them, I do follow some people within fashion that post runway shows and stuff like that. Adopting an attitude of gratitude is the quickest way to improving the way you look at life.Whenever I am in a funk, I start to list all of the things that I am grateful for until I feel better.Here is a sample list: I am grateful for: a good hair day, my electric toothbrush, my dog that makes me smile, having a car to get me places because I could never walk that far, a day without rain, a warm coat, a good friend, frozen yogurt with toppings and Gilligan’s Island.