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In writing the life of a subordinate commander, we should gain in detail, but lose in comprehension, dwelling more upon what he did, than upon the relations sustained to other men and movements on the field ; but it is different here. He thus threw the whole of the adjacent country into a panic. As he held an independent command of troops in the field, from the beginning of the war the movement upon Corinth only excepted I have endeavored to present his plans, their execution, and the results, without entering into the minute details of the battle tactics ; giving only so much of these as is necessary to enable the reader to understand the general s purposes and achievements. Originally commanding a division in Buell s army, he had been detached to act, to some degree, independently, when that army marched to join Grant at Pittsburg. On the 6th of April he marched to Shelbyville ; on the 10th he was at Fayettevi Ue, and on the llth he reached Hunts ville, in Alabama. seizing the rolling-stock, he immediately sent out two railway expeditions, east and west, to Decatur and Stevenson, con ducting the latter in person. THE following Military Biography of Lieutenant-General Grant is intended to offer but an outline of the great events in which he has borne the most distinguished part. The first was General Mitchel s rdpid march and captures in Northern Alabama ; and the second, the successful advance of onr naval armament on the Mississippi. His career in this war was brief but brilliant, and his exploits at the Southwest excited the admiration of the whole country.

I have been obliged to depend, for the connected outline, upon the masterly I may say, model report of General Grant ; and for details to sucn materials as had been re ceived, not even including extended reports of the corps-commanders. Memphis gave him a splendid opportu nity, and he made the most of it. Their every movement was promptly met, their wildest attacks repulsed, and their armies scattered. But in the latter parts, there is yet great dearth- of detail. Fort Randall, some miles below, was abandoned by the enemy soon after, and the great river was open to Memphis. Commodore Foote had, at his own request, on the score of his health, which had greatly suffered, been relieved from duty, and our fleet was now in charge of Commodore Charles Henry Davis, an officer well known for his scientific attain ments, and who was now determined to lose no time in win ning honors like those which a grateful country had awarded to the gallant Foote. Van Dorn and Price were no match for Grant, Eosecrans, and Ord, either in planning or fighting. The reports of many subordinate commanders, Union and Confederate, have been pub- 4 . lisbed, and there are even critical commentaries upon these, which guard the historian against error. But when Pope s army was withdrawn to join the advance on Corinth, the expedition of Foote came to an end, or rather awaited the fall of Corinth. After Beauregard had retreated, Fort Pillow was evacuated, on the 4th of June. The people of Memphis, emboldened by the presence of a formidable rebel fleet, and encouraged by the confident pre dictions of its commander, Commodore Montgomery, that he would " soon send Lincoln s gunboats to the bottom," had col lected upon the banks of the river, and at all points of ob servation in the city, to see this great sight, not at all doubt ful of the result. But the rebel government was most unfortunate in the choice of its generals sent to confront Grant. In describing his earlier campaigns, I have had recourse to much fuller material than in the latter portions. It stands upon the first Chickasaw Bluff, near Islands Nos. As our fleet ap proached, the rebel gunboats and rams kept retreating down at a respectful distance, turning back occasionally to try our strength. was abundantly repaid ; for it became evident that Price was making a feint to cross the Tennessee, as if to follow Buell, who was then retreating upon Nashville, in order to draw Grant s forces away from Corinth, upon which stronghold the foolhardy, brave, but unskilful Van Dorn was marching with all speed. RICHARDSON, in the % Clerk 8 Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of Nfcr York. I could not neglect the philosophy of Grant s history, and there was not space for both. The first fortified point where they expected a check was Fort Pillow, a strong work on the Tennessee shore, about forty miles above Memphis, which was afterwards to have such atrocious noto riety for the massacre of our prisoners by Forrest. Grant s caution was eminently proper, and 122 GRANT AND HIS CAMPAIGNS.

Entered acvordin^, to Act of Congress, in the year 1866, BY CHARLES B. I have said thus much by way of self-vindication, should any reader especially some gallant soldier fail to find as many battle pictures, and as much of the movements of the lesser organizations, as he had expected. On the 12th of April, Commodore Foote, with his fleet of gun boats and mortar-boats, had steamed down the river from New Madrid on a new voyage of discovery, with the divisions of Stanley, Hamilton, and Palmer on transports. The re ports with regard to Price s designs were numerous, confused, and deceptive. After his appointment as comrnander-in- chief, all parts of the vast theatre of operations must be considered ; while, as he made his headquarters with the Army of the Potomac, and personally directed it, more stress must be laid upon the move ments of that army than upon others. He called for re-enforce ments, but they could not be had ; and he was fain, therefore, to draw back, not having accomplished all he desired, but writing, however, to the Secretary of War, under date of May 1 : " The campaign is ended, and I now occupy Huntsville in perfect security ; while all of Alabama, north of the Tennessee Eiver, floats no flag but that of the Union." In that day of experiments and caution, Mitchel s fault was seeing too far and daring too much. Let us now look at the state of affairs on the Mississippi. Price occupied luka and the railroad; but it was manifestly Grant s intention to permit this temporary possession, in order that he might fully discern the enemy s plans, and form his own intelligently. Grant s life requires a glance at every part of the field of Pittsburg Landing ; the great outline of the Vicksburg campaign ; a summary of the splendid military successes at Chattanooga. Taking advantage of this, he marched towards Chattanooga, which he saw at once to be a most important strategic point. The game, the opening of which Grant had been expecting, was now becoming interesting.Webcam Xxx Matures is the same thing happens to fans of traditional Webcamshow sex porn - they stop following fucking action and begin looking at interior designs or model clothes!Families that were happily married for years can suddenly realize that they cannot wind up looking at their lawful partner.If you notice the same thing, switch to something really hot!