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They will find a way to meet the target, even if that means doing things which don’t seem to make any sense. When I was a Tax Consultant, I had to account for every minute of my time and allocate it either to a client number or to “non-billable” time.We were given targets of non-billable time, a maximum we were allowed, and we were in trouble if we didn’t meet them.

There’s an obsession with targets in some areas, particularly public services – hospitals, schools, the Civil Service – but also in the private sector.

It’s part of the flawed idea that “what can be measured can be managed”.

The thinking is that, if you can’t measure something by statistics, you can’t be sure it’s happening and you can’t control it.

So things like patient care, quality of teaching and customer service are reduced to a numerical level so that targets can be set and performance measured.

Hospitals and schools, for example, can be compared through league tables based on these results, how they perform against the targets set.

There may also be some idea that targets are motivating, they give people something to aim for.What is sometimes behind this is a view that, if you don’t set targets for people, they won’t try.They won’t do something for its own sake, or because they have a commitment to quality, they’ll only do it because someone is measuring their performance on a scale of some sort.Go Grill The Company’s mission is to be the largest an most recognized fresh and healthy alternative to other quick service brands, allowing their strategic partners the opportunity for personal and professional rewards.A while ago, I had to go to the A & E Department in my local hospital.Nothing too serious, I had a very painful knee and my doctor was concerned that it might be infected so he sent me along to have it checked out.