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Electric and eclectic, eccentric and fantastic, Mars Roberge marches to the sound of his own drummer, and man, that cat can knock out some funky beats.

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So I owe them a lot and I would absolutely say I’m an advocate.

As far as awards, “The Little House That Could” has been nominated for something each year since 2014. We’ve played it around the world 24 times and it’s been presented in three languages.

In San Francisco it played at Frameline, the oldest gay film festival in the world and we got the coveted Friday night slot for the premiere.

That was back in 2013 and it’s been lauded ever since.

Now, to me, New York is even more gay than San Francisco, or as gay, and they’re very open and accepting. Now I have all these films to write about those years.

In Toronto the gay world is accepting of the straight world, but I can’t say the same about the lesbian world. Some people may not like me saying that, but it’s the truth. Oh you just get to the point where they’re like squirrels.

I get along fine with lesbians and I’ve not experienced that anywhere else. I was watching it one night and decided I was going to jump on a bus and just go do that, you know? They’ll come up to you on the subway and it just starts to feel normal.

I mean, I worked for Patricia Field for ten years and in making the film we’ve become better friends than ever. I used to work at an S&M bar spinning vinyl from PM to 4 in the morning and on the subway platform headed home the rats would charge. ” and it was almost like playing chicken with them or something. I went to film school at York University just outside of Toronto, and then when I graduated I worked in a post production house where they edited music videos for bands like Barenaked Ladies.

So as a filmmaker I’m indebted to the LGBT community too because I was getting turned down from a lot of top tier film festivals when Frameline, the gay film festival, picked it up and that really helped launch the film and give it momentum.. When we played in New York especially, people dressed up and got together to go see it.

There is just a camaraderie of people that will say “OK it’s playing. ” The House of Field members are harder to track down now that Patricia Field closed her boutique this past February.

And after she had been around like 50 years everyone was just left standing there saying, “Wow, we didn’t expect THAT to happen.” And now the film is just the last historical piece from that time.