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She then sent the (slightly miscast) email below to Mosko, who wants to press this idea further.I’ll get some info from the MPA today and then hopefully Keith and I can talk him out of this, but wanted you to be aware. Even with a PSA message, it will be easy for the pirate sites to cite it as (a) lawful activity on their site, and (b) an attempt to promote the show.

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Steve sent on the run Begin forwarded message: From: "Askanas, Paula" Subject: FW: fake torrents - project against piracy Below is the request to post a PSA on sites in Central Europe where people have been illegally downloading television shows.

It’s quite clever and its particularly relevant because Hannibal is one of the most illegally watched series there this past year.

The request went through someone to Pamela Parker who took it to Aimee Wolfson who said no.

I talked to Keith Weaver who is willing to get on board but at this point Aimee is not.

RE: PRIVILEGED: fake torrents - project against piracy We should be thinking about putting them on track to do some clever psa type advertisements.

Want to keep the “iron hot” From: Weaver, Keith Sent: Monday, March 03, 2014 AM To: Weil, Leah; Wolfson, Aimee Subject: RE: PRIVILEGED: fake torrents - project against piracy Importance: High I called Paula and restated that this is simply a long road to “no” because it so severely undercuts our efforts not only in CE, but all we have accomplished elsewhere (and that could be compromised by making the distinction between bad & good sites more gray)…

Forget about a site blocking strategy if we start putting legitimate PSAs or promos on sites we’ve flagged to governments as having no legitimate purpose other than theft… I indicated that we value the creative thinking and will work on a framework in which to harness that effort, as we don’t want to be the “no” people for no good reason…

She seems to understand and wants us to come back with options for us/them.

K From: Weil, Leah Sent: Monday, March 03, 2014 AM To: Wolfson, Aimee Cc: Weaver, Keith Subject: RE: PRIVILEGED: fake torrents - project against piracy I wouldn’t stress the MPAA of it all – focus on ourselves.

From: Wolfson, Aimee Sent: Monday, March 03, 2014 AM To: Weil, Leah Cc: Weaver, Keith Subject: PRIVILEGED: fake torrents - project against piracy Leah – I thought you should be aware of this developing situation.

AXN in Central Europe developed an ad campaign for the show “Hannibal” (which we do not own, we just air), proposing to post the first minute of the show on torrent sites such as Pirate Bay, Isohunt, etc., and then have the show stop and direct pirate viewers to the channel. Paula Askanas then proposed to change it from a promo/ad for the show to a PSA anti-piracy message.