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Which gentleman would not want to be like the movie character James Bond??While Ian Fleming's books and the movie interpretations got us identifying with James Bond and dreaming of his missions, cars and girls, Paul Kyriazi actually shows us how we can become like James Bond in our everyday life.

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It did not take long and I had to realise that the audio CDs did not pick up where I last stopped them. While I found the author's voice just pleasant to listen to, she said it was a sexy voice and interesting content.

This October, Paul has published a new and extended edition of his book, the Spectre Edition.

You can find it easily on Amazon as paperback or Kindle edition.

The old paperback versions sell at very high prices, so this could not only be a good investment into a better lifestyle, but also one with a very good return on investment!

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The Essential Pre-MOT Checklist submitted by Motor uk For anyone outside of the UK, MOT means Ministry of Transport test.

Passing one of these tests is a licensing requirement in the UK.

Paul touches on all possible aspects of the James Bond Life as you can see in the table of contents of the Spectre Edition: So, have fun on the most exiting James Bond adventure yet, yours!

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