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They catalogue 15,600 companies created solely to conceal wealth, some of them by the global banking titans UBS and HSBC, who have much explaining to do.Revelation: The so-called Panama Papers, part of a leak of 11million files, implicate those in Russian president Vladimir Putin's inner circle, along with families and associates of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad (above)Despite these disclosures, I fear that bent dictators are unlikely to suffer much.

Millions of documents relating to their clients have been leaked, revealing details of the financial affairs of some of the world's richest people We have always known that such behaviour happens.

Nowadays, only unintelligent criminals mug old ladies or rob security vans.

The real money comes from drug-dealing or running Wall Street banks — or entering politics in any one of the many countries where power provides a magic key to wealth.

But big international corporations such as Google, Apple and Amazon laugh at tax-collectors.

And the smart dudes, the fattest felines, the people who have the best seats at the hottest sporting and cultural events, shift most of their cash to Jersey, Monaco, the Caymans, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Switzerland — or Panama.

A disgraceful portion of the people upon whom British governments lavish honours shelter most of their wealth in faraway places, and pay far less tax proportionately than you or me.Firms such as Panama-based Mossack Fonseca make huge profits from wrapping the dirtiest money on Earth into plain paper, then shifting it into corporate vehicles whose ownership need never be disclosed.The documents that have been examined so far find evidence of massive theft linked to 72 heads of state, including ex-President Mubarak of Egypt, and rulers in Pakistan, Brazil and Azerbaijan.For here is proof that thousands of rich residents of Britain and other democracies — together with crooks and national leaders headed by President Vladimir Putin of Russia —hide vast sums in often illicit wealth from lawful accountability.The Panama Papers — one of the largest data leaks in history — expose the financial secrets of those who exploit globalisation in order to hide the proceeds of embezzlement and thievery from across five continents.Cameron, pictured with his parents Ian and Mary Cameron, has been dragged into the Panama Papers scandal after it emerged that his father Ian's (right) firm was based offshore and involved in tax avoidance Also, the Prime Minister’s personal position is inevitably compromised by the fact that his father was a director of a conspicuously aggressive tax-avoidance instrument, Blairmore Holdings, named after his family ancestral home in Aberdeenshire, which managed huge sums for rich tax-avoiders.