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However, Shoah Connect will erroneously refer to the document as a Page of Testimony. If the submitter is alive and wants you to be the point of email contact, you can use Shoah Connect as the submitter.

Please make clear to anyone who contacts you through the site, though, that you are not the submitter, and please do not share the submitter's contact information without getting approval from the submitter first.

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Soon, it might be possible to use Shoah Connect without installing the Toolbar, but, currently, your only option is to find a computer capable of installing the Toolbar.Note that you only need to use the Toolbar to associate your email address with Pages of Testimony.Once you have done this, you can use any computer with Internet access to make contact with relatives or submitters for those Pages.When you are viewing a Page of Testimony on Yad Vashem's website and click the Shoah Connect button, the Toolbar tells Shoah Connect what Page you are viewing.The "Privacy Considerations" message informs you that clicking the button tells Shoah Connect what webpage you are browsing when you click it.

This is currently necessary for Shoah Connect's operation, but soon might not be.The main use of Shoah Connect is to connect relatives associated with the same Page of Testimony.However, some people looking for information about a relative from town X would like to contact non-relatives associated with a Page where the victim lived in town X.Often, this is to ask, "Do you know what happened to my relative, who, like your relative, lived in town X?" By allowing contact from town researchers, you agree to be contacted by such people who are interested in a town on a Page you associate yourself with.You can change this option at any time by going to My Account.