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Claire wrote about her App experiences on Bustle and Huff Post live video describing her experiences and has graciously shared this with Planet Transgender.

Com are missing the boat by catering only to the binary.

I get that this is their business model, but allowing the LGBTQ+ community to join and find a match based on personality characteristics rather than a photo that you swipe left or right on will allow us to find better matches and long-term relationships.” “Out of the 300 or so message I received the first week my profile went live, there were only a few viable men that caught my interest.

Most of them just sent a single word message saying, “Hi.” It would nice if someone would have read my profile and started a conversation about a common interest, but that rarely happened.” “I think some of the most off-putting messages were the one that used words like, ‘hon,’ ‘sweetie,’ ‘dear,’ or other terms of endearment within the first or second contact.

Prior to transition, I would have never referred to anyone I didn’t know with those terms, but as a woman, I know that this is what men do and we are expected to accept it as a compliment.” “After the show, some of us continued the conversation on twitter and one panelist asked me if I thought it “might be different if you/I targeted queer-minded folks who had a better understanding of gender/sexuality?

” The short answer is yes, but what if you are like me and you like to date straight?

Where and how does a queer site come into play in that situation?

” “Granted I’m Pansexual and it’s hearts not parts for me and I guess if you cast a wide enough net, your chances of success are still pretty thin as a person who is transgender because men start questioning their sexual orientation if they find out you are transgender.” “I was asked after the show if I thought there was transphobia or trans misogyny involved in peoples decision not to date a trans person and honestly, I won’t cry transphobia when it comes to peoples preferences in the people they seek out to date, mate or relationship.

We all have our preferences and if I don’t fall into yours, then that’s personal choice and quite frankly…your loss.” “After several days of chatting with someone online, they would ask me out and I would then “out” myself.

Claire-Renee Kohner Planet journalist and Bustle author is going where few trans people dare.

Claire, a pansexual trans woman is currently on dating apps, legitimately looking for love with varied approaches and writing about her exposé.

It’s an extremely worthwhile venture given how many trans people are murdered while looking for love in all the wrong places.