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"The Tao of Tai Chi: The Making of a New Science," on how this global event came into being, describes the global implications of Internal Arts for transforming medicine and humanity's future!

demonstrations of how to perform Tai Chi are very helpful as well ...World Tai Chi & Qigong Day has been a Tai Chi presenter or source for the National Council on the Aging, the National Parkinson's Foundation, the American Heart Association, ALS Association, several of the world's largest corporation's, and media worldwide, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC World Radio, and The South China Morning Post.World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is the most significant contribution to promoting the art of T'ai Chi and Qigong today ....thanks to you; the possibilities are unlimited.-- Ken Ryan, Sifu at Maine Coast Taijiquan This DVD presenter is a best-selling Tai Chi author, and the 2009 Inductee to the Internal Arts Hall of Fame, He's been a Tai Chi source for The New York Times; Reader's Digest; The Wall Street Journal; & media worldwide.Companies see that Tai Chi improves productivity by helping employees to be happy, relaxed, and creative.

Hospitals see Tai Chi as a potent, yet cost-effective, therapy for nearly any condition.Tai Chi classes can be found nowadays almost anywhere.In this chapter, I'll give you a whirlwind tour of the reasons behind Tai Chi's growing popularity and what Tai Chi can do for you.He's the Official Tai Chi Expert for famed naturopath, Dr. If you get only one book on T'ai Chi, then this is the one.Andrew Weil's websites, and was commissioned by Prevention Magazine, to create their Tai Chi Tutorial. I have read it cover to cover seven times, and get something new from it each time." -- Dr.Michael Steward, Team USA Senior Coach, World Martial Arts Hall of Famer"Sometimes Chinese culture can be difficult to explain.