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Levels on the River Thames continued to rise on Thursday, leaving more areas flooded and more homes under threat.

In Walton, river levels exceeded the record 4.04m and hit 4.12m.The swollen river led to severe flooding of footpaths, towpaths and some roads.Surrey Highways said lane closures were in force on the A308 Staines Bypass at Sunbury Ford Bridge Roundabout (junction with the B377) and at the A320 St Peter's Way near St Peter's Hospital.Roads closed due to flooding included: Although the rain was due to clear on Thursday night, the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for ice across the south east.If the tagged user's privacy settings are set to public, the post will show up on their own personal profile and in the news feed of their friends.

It may show up on their timeline either automatically or upon approval from them, depending on how their tag settings are configured, which we'll discuss next.Facebook has a whole section dedicated to configuring settings for your timeline and tagging.At the top of your profile, look for the little down arrow icon besides the Home button on the top right and click on it.A forecaster said: "Surface temperatures will fall to around or just below freezing late on Thursday night and into Friday morning across parts of England and Wales."With a lot of standing water present in many areas from the recent wet weather and flooding icy stretches are expected to form, particularly on untreated surfaces."Tagging" is a social feature that Facebook rolled out several years ago, and since then, lots of other social networks have integrated it into their own platforms. In the beginning, Facebook tagging could only be done with photos.