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I will also revisit the "transport-induced-quenching” effects, and discuss the limitation of this approximation and its impact on observations.

Finally, I will discuss the effects of C/O ratio and compare with published work in the literature.

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I will present VULCAN, an open-source 1D chemical kinetics code suited for the temperature and pressure range relevant to observable exoplanet atmospheres.

The chemical network is based on a set of reduced rate coefficients for C-H-O systems.

Most of the rate coefficients are based on the NIST online database, and validated by comparing withthermodynamic equilibrium codes (TEA, STANJAN).

The difference between the experimental rates and those from the thermodynamical data is carefully examined and discussed.

For the numerical method, a simple, quick, semi-implicit Euler integrator is adopted to solve the stiff chemical reactions, within an operator-splitting scheme for computational efficiency.