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Information from this publication is available in alternate formats: Contact IFAS Communication Services, University of Florida, PO Box 110810, Gainesville, FL 32611-0810. Jerry Culen and Jennifer Gove (2008), Tana Jackson (2004), Dr. As indicated in the Catalog, Florida is one of a number of U. Universities whose mandate includes a commitment to the development and transmission of practical knowledge. Assistant Professor - Nonprofit Management & Community Organizations Adjunct Lecturer Community Development 3002 Mc Carty G085 Mc Carty Hall B 273-3524 [email protected] [email protected] Pracht, Ph. D.* Assistant Professor Community Based Organizational Systems in 4-H Assistant Professor Human Development 3014 Mc Carty 3008 Mc Carty 273-3533 [email protected] [email protected] Shelnutt, Ph. Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist 3038 Mc Carty 273-3535 [email protected] Simonne, Ph. Assistant Professor Food Safety and Quality 3025 Mc Carty 273-3536 [email protected] Smith, Ph. Overview of FYCS Major The Family, Youth and Community Sciences (FYCS) major is an applied social sciences degree that provides the general academic and technical education for careers in human services, community development, and child and youth professions. This information will help you plan your program of study.

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This handbook is designed to help you as you enter and progress through the major. Professor & Assistant Dean, Natural Resources and Sea Grant Associate Professor - Sustainable Agriculture 3031 Mc Carty [email protected] [email protected] Torres, Ph. Professor Emeritus *denotes Academic Advisor vi Introduction Welcome to the major in Family, Youth and Community Sciences at the University of Florida!The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences in particular has been federally mandated since 1862 to deliver the practical benefits of university knowledge for the public good.Although the names, IFAS and Agriculture, usually call to mind images of farms and farming, these units of the University are deeply immersed in the study of broader social issues.Family, Youth and Community Sciences Student Handbook This handbook is a summary of the requirements for graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences (FYCS) in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). Assistant Professor Human Development Undergraduate Coordinator Assistant Professor - Family & Consumer Economics for Older Adults Associate Professor Family Financial Management Graduate Coordinator Assistant Professor Family and Youth Development 3041 Mc Carty 3028 Mc Carty 3002 Mc Carty 3028 Mc Carty 273-3528 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Henderschiedt, M. Academic Coordinator 3041 Mc Carty 273-3514 [email protected] Faculty Specialization/Location Office Phone E-Mail Kathryn Ivey, B. * Academic Coordinator 3041 Mc Carty 273-3532 [email protected] Kumaran, Ph. The settings for future employment include public, private, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations.

Additional information about the FYCS major, CALS and the requirements of the University of Florida are available on the web. The FYCS major prepares students to address the complex issues facing children, youth, families, and communities in the 21st century.FYCS and CALS are academic programs within the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). Students gain in-depth knowledge of: individual and family development and functioning in the community and society; contemporary issues facing youth, families, and communities; and policies and programs designed to meet needs and to alleviate problems and concerns.FYCS Website CALS Website IFAS Website UF Website Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of information in this handbook. Students also acquire critical skills to assist children, youth, families, and communities in meeting their needs, including: interpersonal communication; leadership; program planning, management, and administration; social policy; applied research and evaluation; and community-based education.Should a discrepancy occur, the current University of Florida Undergraduate Catalog takes precedence. Professor Foods and Nutrition 3026 Mc Carty 273-3521 [email protected] Bolton, Ph. Professor Community Development; Interim Chair 3001 Mc Carty 392-1987 [email protected] Cantrell, Ph. Assistant Professor - Housing and Community Development 3008 Mc Carty 273-3554 [email protected] Culen, Ph. * Associate Professor Youth Development 3014 Mc Carty 273-3527 [email protected] Forthun, Ph. This major is administered by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree.It is the responsibility of every student to be familiar with the Catalog and the requirements stated therein. Table of Contents Faculty & Staff...v Introduction...1 Overview of the Major in Family, Youth and Community Sciences... D.* Associate Professor Youth Development G081 Mc Carty Hall B 273-3525 [email protected] Diehl, Ph. Some students ask why the FYCS program is located in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS).Students should refer to the catalog from their matriculation year for graduation requirements. 1 FYCS List Serve...2 Academic Advising...2 Jobs...3 Quotes...3 CALS Checklist...5 Universal Tracking...5 Transfer Students...6 FYCS Checklist...7 Degree Requirements...7 Additional Requirements...8 Minor or Area of Specialization (Ao S)...8 Ao S Child and Youth Development...9 Ao S Human Services...10 Certificate Programs...11 Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE)...11 Personal & Family Financial Planning (PFFP)...11 Course Descriptions...12 Practicum Information...16 Other Opportunities for FYCS Majors...17 Minor in Organizational Leadership for Nonprofits...17 Combined-Degree Program...18 College Honors Program...18 Leadership Opportunities...18 FYCS Club...18 Scholarship Information...19 Graduation Requirements...18 Graduation Check...19 Graduating with Honors...19 Applying for Graduation with the Registrar...19 iv Faculty & Staff Faculty Specialization Office Phone E-Mail Rose Barnett, Ph. * Associate Professor - Youth Development and Public Policy G083 Mc Carty Hall B 273-3519 [email protected] Beaulieu, Ph. D.* Assistant Professor Program Planning and Evaluation 3038 Mc Carty 273-3526 [email protected] Fletcher, M. * Lecturer 3038 Mc Carty 273-3517 [email protected] Ferrer Chancey, Ph. First, it is beneficial to point out that it is the College of Agricultural and LIFE Sciences.