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Dear ladies and gents, you know I love me some blood and gore.

And while the British have been churning out good crime shows for years, with the likes of Stieg Larsson, Jo Nesbø, Henning Mankell etc growing in popularity it’s the Scandinavians where it’s at these days.

And the thing is they don’t need doodahs and wizzbangs to make it interesting is all I’m saying. ) and me bonded over our mutual fascination with blood and gore and it seems we are not the only ones – Marian Keyes, one of my favorite authors (oh please don’t pretend like you don’t enjoy chick lit from time to time.

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Anyhow here are a few Scandinavian crime series worth checking out.

UPDATE: Just put together a post with links where some of these shows can be found online/viewed.

ANOTHER UPDATE: This post is still getting a lot of clicks (waves to all you people) so a short FYI – MZHChoice launched a subscription service where you can stream a number of Scandinavian shows.

Wallander Wallander the series was adapted from Kurt Wallander books written by Henning Mankell.

Only one episode was lifted directly from the novel, others were developed for television with Mankell’s input.

The series stars Krister Henriksson as titular character, police inspector working in town of Ystad.After a few episodes Ystad starts to seem like Midsomer of the Sweden due to the fact people keep dropping like flies.The series was so popular that BBC remade it for British audience with Kenneth Branagh taking the role of Wallander.The Killing (also known as Forbrydelsen) You all might or might not know I had mixed feeling about AMC’s the Killing.Mainly I thought it was rather good until they decided to end it with a mother of all cliffhangers, which you know – WTF?!(Btw anyone who is still interested to learn who the killer is will might want to tune in on April 1st when the Killing returns.