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Facebook provides all bread and butter on the home page only. Mark immediately gets an idea and runs towards his dorm room to add a feature “Relationship Status” to his under construction site “The Facebook.” Always Up, Fast and Smooth Have you ever faced a problem with Facebook getting delayed to load or not working properly?Answer will be NO for most of the users and those who have faced any problem would be because of slow internet connection or browser problems.

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Facebook is one such platform where all these is possible.Most of the Facebook users log on to Facebook to post some quotes, photos, videos and show off how cool they are.They also log on to check out what’s up in their friends’ lives but that’s secondary.If you remember, The Social Network movie greatly presents this idea.When Eduardo doubts about the Facebook’s future and wants to earn out of it as soon as possible, Mark says, “It’s Fashion and Fashion never ends.” Feeding Curiosity Facebook feeds curiosity in the best way.

We all are curious about what’s going on in our friends’ lives. • Who’s getting clicked in lot of pictures, with whom?Facebook bring all that to you on your screen without taking any efforts. Facebook answers all these questions on the home page, all you need to do is just to scroll down the page and read stuff. The Social Network movie also represents this attribute very artistically.Orkut was also one such platform where you could checkout what’s up with your friend’s lives but for that, you had to go to respective person’s profile and then checkout his scraps. When Dustin arrives to Mark’s practical class, he asks him about a girl’s relationship status because he wanted to get up with her. He lives alllllllll the way over in India and is the founder of Tech The I just realized that I have started spending almost entire day on Facebook after finishing my exams last week.He's here today to talk about his latest and greatest observations in the wonderful world of social media. I find some of my friends highly Facebook addicted.There were social networking platforms before Facebook also, but none of them were as addictive as Facebook is.