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Nightcrawler has long been depicted as a devout Catholic, although he was apparently not written as such at the time of his introduction.

Nightcrawler's deep religious devotion and gentle personality has stood in contrast to his physical appearance: He looks like a demon.

Nightcrawler was born with pointed ears, a tail, and cloven-like feet, all of which recall images of demons.

Over the years, his Catholic faith has deepened to the point that he studied for the priesthood and was even a Catholic priest for a brief time.

Later writers decided to take the character in a different direction, however, and explained away this ultimate act of religious devotion as having been caused by some form of external mind control.

In contemporary X-Men comics, Nightcrawler remains a devout Catholic, but he is not planning to full-time religious life as a vocation.An odd and religious-oriented aspect of Nightcrawler's character that was introduced decades after the character had been in existence is the fact that his father is actually a poweful demon named Azazel.Although the Marvel Universe character Azazel is not really depicted as Devil, he is clearly depicted as a being who could have inspired imagery of the devil and Satan.In some ancient Judeo-Christian religious texts, Azazel is a name of Satan, the supreme evil being.Nightcrawler was also portrayed as a devout Catholic in the 2003 feature film ), in which he made his big screen debut.In that movie, Nightcrawler frequently spoke of God and religious faith, and had covered his body with mystical Christian tatoos - one for each of his sins, as he explained to Storm.