Sex brothels cambodia

They are not sold to a brothel owner who, after an initial high price, will keep on employing the girl as a 'regular' prostitute.

Although some girls are (made) aware of their worth as a virgin and therefore agree to be khui-ed, many are deceived and do not get anything for losing their virginity.There are more or less specialized middlemen or -women who recruit virgin girls in Vietnam for individual customers or brothel owners.A Kampuchea Krom girl told how she, four years ago, was brought to Phnom Penh by a woman from her village in order to be khui-ed.Every one or two months, this woman brought virgin girls from Vietnam to Cambodia and offered them to soldiers or other (rich) men who want virgin girls.The girls are forced to stay with the man for one week in a hotel.

The woman receives 0, of which the girls do not even receive a small share.

After having been khui-ed, the girls have often no other possibility but work as a prostitute in a regular bar or brothel, in order to save some money to go back home.

Also some brothel owners are, either directly themselves or through certain mediators, interested in recruiting young virgin girls.

Some will order mediating recruiters to find virgin girls; others pay huge amounts to mediators who come to offer virgin girls.

A Vietnamese girl in a massage place in Kompong Som recalled how she was deceived when she was 17 years old to be khui-ed in a brothel in Phnom Penh: "A woman told me that if I could work in Cambodia as a cook for other people and earn one chi of gold a month.

So I followed her and the man who was working with her.