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Playing Counter Strike Online is ideal if you enjoy first person shooter games that allow you to truly communicate with teammates and enemies at all times throughout game play.

If you aren't shy of language, violence and intense battles, Counter Strike Online is the right FPS for you.

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There are plenty of maps to choose from ranging from the classic "Office" and "De Dust 2" maps to jungle maps and user-uploaded customized maps shared by other players from around the world.It is also possible to download and install additional mods and applications for Counter Strike Online, giving you the ability to customize the aesthetics of your game as well as allowing you to share sounds and other media with players who are online.You can also create levels and maps of your own and upload them for other users.This gives you the ability to get as creative as possible with any ideas you have in mind.Downloading mods and applications for Counter Strike Online are also free from most online communities.

Counter Strike Online allows you to play whether you are on a desktop computer or a laptop, as it has low requirements and a variety of gaming settings to help get you started, as long as you are playing on a PC.

Cons of Counter Strike Online Unfortunately, Counter Strike Online's fan base is no longer as extensive as it once was when it was originally one of the most popular online PC games on the market.

The game itself it is a bit dated in graphics and does not receive updates for the core game itself, but still holds loyal fans to date.

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One of the most well-known first person shooter, also known as FPS, games ever to hit the Internet is Counter Strike Online.

Counter Strike Online, part of Half-Life, allows players to immerse themselves into a gaming world choosing the side of the police or terrorists.