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For this, you only need to check the box with the searchable option right after you upload your file to be converted.

This enables you to enjoy an easy reading of your file, having the opportunity to use the search feature on the newly created PDF file.

In order to provide the best user experience to our customers, we are permanently working to our server’s development.

To get started just select a file and press "Convert! You can watch the conversion in real time then and download the result afterwards. There are two ways: Either you just convert it to Dj Vu which behaves very similiar or use our new online tool for PDF Compression... Our smart online ebook converter will convert it to PDF within few seconds.

This free online converter for Dj Vu and PDF files works in both directions: There are a few steps you need to follow in order to use this converter: 1. Like that you can easily enjoy your ebook on your favourite devices, like your Kindle. If you need to convert between other ebook formats just check out our links page.

Download the result This online converter works in two different ways: It can convert PDF files to Dj Vu files It can convert Dj Vu files or ebooks to PDF files New: You need to compress a PDF file? Just stumbled upon an ebook in the Dj Vu Fromat which you can not open?

If you have an ebook in Dj Vu format and it won’t open on your device, then you can easily solve this issue, converting your file into a PDF file.

For this, our converter is here to help you, offering you the opportunity to fast and easily enjoy your ebook on any of your desired devices, such as for example Kindle.

Also, you can check out our links page to find other conversions that are available. We offer you the chance to convert other ebook formats, as well.For other formats, please check our links page: More Free Ebook Converters...One of the reasons why it is worth it converting your file to Dj Vu format is that this format offers small and good-looking files.When you convert PDF files to Dj Vu files, your ebook become more compact, offering you more space on your digital library.Converting files to Dj Vu format also enables you to share large documents.This converter enables you to convert documents or ebooks that are in Dj Vu format to PDF format.