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When we talk about clichés, we’re referring to the same overused few lines people tend to use when talking about themselves on their dating profiles. Lots of people do love to travel, go out on a Friday night, enjoy a beer after work or work out at the gym.

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Because, if you hear a cliché too many times, you start to doubt that it’s true.

It’s hard to tell what this girl’s really like because there’s nothing about the above to distinguish her from other users.

Now you may be reading the above and thinking, ‘Well, what’s so bad about saying that? ’ You may even be wondering whether you, too, might have used some of the above phrases when talking about yourself online. Here’s why: While there’s nothing wrong with using a couple of these lines when you genuinely know them to be true, there’s almost always a better way to say the same thing.

Here are a few ways to avoid writing the same thing as everybody else and make your profile to stand out: Here are a few examples of clichéd responses on dating profiles and ways in which to edit them to make them sound a little more original: This user has listed a few interests that sound very generic – everybody loves doing at least one of these activities when they have time off.

That’s because you’ve seen them, or their variations, on numerous dating profiles.

You expect to see one or more every time you visit a new page – the same old lines about looking for someone with a sense of humour, or how people notice their eyes, or about how they’re not too sure how to describe themselves.

It can get pretty boring reading the same clichés over and over, and after a while it becomes hard to distinguish one profile from another. The one who loves hanging out with his friends on a Friday night?

’ By the same token, it’s extremely refreshing when you come across a profile that doesn’t feature these tried and tired phrases.

When someone’s taken the time out to make their page even just a little bit original, it’s like water in the desert – a reminder that not everyone out there’s saying the same four things about themselves and what they’re looking for.

But why are these clichés such a turn-off, and how can you avoid using them in your own dating profile?

After all, if your goal is to attract people, you want to create a profile that really stands out.