Online dating nightmare stories

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(That's a Spongebob reference if you didn't catch that). He sent me all his fake little pictures that HE STOLE from somebody else's Facebook profile. I hope you guys like this video and are having a great week!

CHECK OUT MY BOOKS: teenageidol FOLLOW ME: officialjackm officialjackm jmerridew Oh, college. In celebration of going back-to-school, I'm here to burst all of your little bubbles and tell you the truth about college and what really goes down with all the boys. :) FOLLOW ME ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: jmerridew TWITTER: officialjackm FACEBOOK: officialjackm SNAPCHAT NAME: jmerridew You guys asked for it... I was iffy about doing a tutorial on makeup for guys, but I finally did.

Some of you are still stick in high school, and I know college is a distant thought for you, but I still wanted to tell you guys a story about my first experiences in college and what I've learned about the boys that I share a campus with. PURCHASE MY BOOK: teenageidol TWITTER: officialjackm INSTAGRAM: jmerridew FACEBOOK: officialjackm TUMBLR: Thanks to everyone who was/is supportive and lovely- it's a shame that some people's disgusting and chauvinistic attitudes have to ruin it for everyone else.

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It's far worse for men - just read their toe-curling tales about the dates from hell...

Brian Fletcher, 70, is a retired restaurant owner from Taunton, Somerset.Divorced with a grown-up son and daughter, he's been single for 15 years.I would prefer to be in a wonderful relationship, I truly would.Contact her here: 1x6y6Gy This video is not sponsored! I'll probably hold off on the tags for a little bit... See my full disclaimer here ► 1BIEwvm Business enquiries only, please: [email protected] you all SO MUCH for the birthday messages/tweets! CHECK OUT MY BOOKS: teenageidol FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: officialjackm LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE: officialjackm FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: jmerridew FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR: MERCH: jackissuchatool So I did the 99 Question Tag.