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Myers claims he was paid .5 million for the cover-up.

So the East Coast – West Coast rivalry had nothing to do with Tupac’s death, he just wanted to get away from it all.

Does this lend credibility to the conspiracy rumors that have surrounded Tupac since his death?

What began as a boring wait soon became fun as we started reminiscing to his songs! For whatever reason, it prompted me to go back to see if I could spot ANYTHING curious about his death (other than the obvious– a sacrifice/set up). his outfit had changed from the lobby to that last photo we see of him and Suge Knight in the BMW!

(CLICK ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE) And the plot thickens doesn’t it?

That’s important because in the below clip we get perfect example of how he was dressed that night.

And remember– this was just after he got out of prison so do take note of his physique’. NOTE: You guys know I don’t like the n-word, right?

Just a friendly reminder.😉 The next thing I noticed was the date stamp on the photo. Well, that fight (the night Tupac was shot up) took place on September 7, 1996 NOT September 8th like this photo indicates! this IS supposed to be the last photo of Tupac, isn’t it?

I’m coming to the swift conclusion that “the last photo of Tupac” was the works of Photoshop!And finally we come to that “coroner’s report” [Appendix].First, allow me to show you a photocopy image of Tupac’s driver’s license (a guy actually sold the original on Ebay for ,500).News 8 Las Vegas – Rapper Tupac’s Shakur was famously murdered in 1996 at the age of 25.However, no murderer was ever convicted of the crime.Now, a retired cop David Myers, has claimed that Tupac never died and that he assisted him in faking his death.