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Quando sono solo Sogno all'orizzonte E mancan le parole Si lo so che non c'?Luce In una stanza Quando manca il sole Se non ci sei tu con me, con me.

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Quando sei lontana Sogno all'orizzonte E mancan le parole E io si lo so Che sei con me con me Tu mia luna tu sei qui con me Mio sole tu sei qui con me Con me con me con me Time to say goodbye Paesi che non ho mai Veduto e vissuto con te Adesso si li vivro.Con te partiro Su navi per mari Che io lo so No no non esistono piu Con te io li rivivro.Con te partiro Su navi per mari Che io lo so No no non esistono piu Con te io li rivivro. Esperanza spots a leather-clad hunk riding away in his motorcycle and thinks it’s Ricardo. ” (Haven’t these annoying adolescents met 24 hours ago? Still, a broken heart doesn’t understand reason so the brokenhearted woman gets into her car and cries over her steering wheel. "We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe It’s mother-and-son elote time for Super Mom and her adorable blond cubby. She is looking at some papers on the passenger seat of her car but he recognizes the back of her head nonetheless. Some street vendors buzz around the lovers' car windows. ”, then she answers Luca’s call with a chirpy: “Hello, superhero! Ricardo is getting ready for his date with Esperanza. Then he smells himself to see whether he put too much cologne. His son, Rodrigo, is 10 and his little princess, Selena, is 8. She believes that Ricardo had every right to move on with his life, just like she did with hers.

She feels that her heart is leaving her chest: It’s gotta be Ricardo Pedro chases the guy but can’t catch up to him. Esperanza is disappointed and she flashbacks to the tearful fare-the-well she and Ricardo had 20 years ago. He falls to his knees, mumbling apologies and cleaning her bare legs (she’s wearing a flared miniskirt that just about covers her derrière. Ricardo instructs someone over the phone to start “Operación Luz” (“Operation Light”).

The mystery motorcyclist is wearing a helmet but I recognized those beautiful brown eyes right away. Younger Esperanza pleads with Younger Ricardo to stay but he says that he must go (to the US). Ricardo’s second last name is Sandoval but a search for Ricardo Alegría Sandoval does not yield any results either. Viviana is getting a massage and bitching to her masseur about Pato.

He must strive () for his father’s sake and for her sake. Esperanza puts a stop to the unsuccessful Socialbook ) site with her father, Arquitecto Mario Kuri, the same one who was present during Luca’s rescue of the dangling workman in Episode 1. She calls to yell at him, know his whereabouts and bark orders at him to sort out her credit cards at the bank. She enumerates a list of words synonymous with "insipid" and "bland" () to describe Pato.

She wants him to stay so they can fight together for a better life. She proclaims her eternal love to him and he reciprocates. My Esperanza/hope, my only hope” are his parting words. The thunder interrupts Esperanza’s sad flashback: “And what if I never see him again? The fact that she’s still holding out hope that this dude turn up one day after he gave no signs of life for 20 years is truly remarkable. At the La Colina Mansion, Viviana hangs out with her sons. “Happiness is his last name or what you feel when you see him? “Funnily enough, there are a lot of Ricardo Alegrías here. She can’t believe Luca is interested in a girl like her; and to make matters worse, she doesn’t even belong to their social class.

She tells Adrián that she didn’t agree with his father’s idea of putting him in that school for broke oafs ()! Viviana thinks that her son deserves a much better woman and not Pato who is a lackey () just like her mother.

She seems to have invoked Ernesto because he arrives at that precise moment, still holding the expensive present that Pato rejected. This time I’m rolling my eyes and making faces all by myself because Viviana is chuckling along with her idiot sons. Esperanza vents her heartache and disappointment to her children.