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And second: While it was a group effort — full list on page 3 here — the leader of this committee was Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, the publisher’s son and a potential heir to the throne, either when his father retires in a few years or sometime thereafter. And those who do visit are spending less time: page views and minutes spent per reader dropped by double-digit percentages last year.” The Times must do a better job encouraging sharing of content: “But at The Times, discovery, promotion and engagement have been pushed to the margins, typically left to our business-side colleagues or handed to small teams in the newsroom.

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It’s journalists turning their own reporting skills on themselves.

When last week’s version was sent out to the newsroom, a joint Abramson/Baquet memo (their last together? (“The masthead embraces the committee’s key recommendations.”) But I have to say, reading that memo and then the full report, it still feels like there’s a Our media reporter friends are still chasing down why Jill Abramson was fired, and I’m sure in the coming days and weeks, our knowledge of that will grow clearer.

The earliest reporting, at least, doesn’t seem to suggest lack of digital vision as a leading significant factor.

Baquet had made his biggest marks as an excellent reporter, editor, and manager, not as an online innovator.

A big leadership change can sometimes lead to a report like this being put on the shelf; let’s hope that doesn’t happen here.

As bad as this report makes parts of the Times’ culture seem, there are two significant reasons for optimism.

First: So much of the digital work of The New York Times is , despite all the roadblocks detailed here.

Take those barriers away and think what they could do.

There are few things that can galvanize the news world’s attention like a change in leadership atop The New York Times.

Jill Abramson’s ouster yesterday afternoon probably reduced American newsroom productivity enough to skew this quarter’s GDP numbers.

We don’t typically write about intra-newsroom politics at Nieman Lab, leaving that to Manhattan’s very capable cadre of media reporters.