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"If you can offer formats that advertisers place a premium on, like television commercials, the amount of money they're willing to pay for that will increase and therefore the number of ads websites will have to run to remain viable will decrease." Users stumbling across the trials on websites including MSN, ABCNews, Pepsi and Honda may find them overly distracting.

Keywords: subdialect, texts of a dialect, peculiarities of a subdialect.

The author scrutinizes the main phonetical, grammatical, syntactical and lexical peculiarities and shows that they characterize the mentioned subdialect as a language system.

Thearticledealswith a descriptionof the main peculiarities of the steppe subdialect of Lozovatka village.

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this page lists all the domains where we haven't worked out what they running yet.

Net users may have to get used to watching TV ads between web pages, if trials currently under way on high profile websites are successful.

The new video ads are being tested on 15 sites over the next five weeks.

They are the result of a collaboration between online ad developers, Unicast, and software giant, Microsoft.

But though users may find them annoying, they could ultimately reduce the overall number of web advertisements in the long term.

Hard to ignore With the increasing commercialisation of the internet has come an explosion in advertising.

Most people have got used to filtering out the sales pitches in the search for useful information.