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It’s not an open relationship if the wife hasn’t agreed to it.As long as his spouse is in the dark about your affair, he’ll have to keep this relationship under wraps.

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To keep your relationship under wraps, he has to deceive his wife, kids, relatives, and maybe his friends.

You’ve had enough of the reckless, young single guys. Dating a married man feels like a clean break from all those messy commitments you couldn’t cope with in the past.

Maybe he was ready to end his marriage, and an affair with you is the excuse he needs to pull the trigger. You get to take this fun fling, wrap it into a neat little box, and stack it exactly where you want among the other parts of your life. He won’t take too much of your time or ask you why you can’t give more of yours.

The only unfairness here is that she happened to lock him down before you did. But he’s with you because wants an escape from all the boring, real-world stuff. And when your rendezvous ends, you get to send him back to his family, and let them deal with his insecurities. As long as that ring is on his finger, he’s committed to someone else — which means you don’t owe him anything.

When you date a married man, you get sucked into a love triangle that you don’t want to be part of. He has a lot to lose by sneaking around — and he’s willing to risk that for you. If “all the good ones are taken,” then why not nab a taken one?

If he’s jumping through all these hoops to keep the affair under wraps, he must really like you.

Here’s what to consider before you get involved with a married man.

The stress of balancing all those lies will get to him.

Besides, what makes you certain you’re not the only “other woman” in his life?

If he can lie to the woman he built a life with, he can lie to you, too. Since less than 5% of men leave their wives for the other woman, you can’t expect your relationship to be more than what it is .

Admit it — seeing that picture of her made you jealous and slightly guilty.