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It's not the absorbing quality Scott manages to invest in the tired cliches of the kidnap genre (tapped phones, botched ransom drops etc.).It's not even the incendiary high style that starts at frame one and never lets up over the whole 146 minutes.

Fanning exudes more than enough charm and decency to make Creasy's renewal of faith completely believable.

What follows is like the finale of Taxi Driver played over 90 minutes.

Sharing a '70s-style steeliness with screenwriter Helgeland's Payback, the movie sees Creasy hunting down Pita's kidnappers with the no-nonsense cruelty of a Lee Marvin or a Charles Bronson, lopping off digits or shoving explosives up a rectum like a Picasso of pain.

In one of his trademark little speeches, Christopher Walken, as Creasy's old military cohort, utters: "Creasy's art is death.

Hes about to paint his masterpiece." The same is almost true of the movie making you relish the gleeful celebration of mayhem and destruction.

It is a failing of the flick that, when the body count starts rising, the creases in Creasy are ironed out, the character taking on an indestructible Terminator-like superheroism.But Washington is too class an act to let Creasy drift into sub-Steven Seagalisms, and he is never less than completely compelling.As the action goes increasingly over the top, so does Scott's visual pyrotechnics.Dallas buyers club Avengers: age of ultron One in the chamber Midnight Express Online sa Prevodom Harry potter and the chamber of secrets The betrayed Trust. Dying of the light film U 571 Despicable me Robots Thank you for smoking Dracula: the dark prince. The bay Autumn in new york The chaperone Django unchained Tsel vizhu Delta force 2: the colombian connection Bachelorette. 300: rise of an empire Enemy Fire in the sky Frank Mandariinid About time Journey to the west 71: into the fire Cold mountain Spanish affair My old lady. gretel Highland park The sandlot 2 The five Jennifer's body Creep The war zone Seven psychopaths. Dick figures: the House of 1000 corpses Our idiot brother Vamp u.