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In the spring of 1939, a new King and his gracious Queen captured the hearts of Canadians.

Employment insurance is a legacy of the Great Depression, and remains a pillar of Canada's social safety net.

The system was created to provide an income while unemployed workers find new jobs, but expanded to include seasonal workers, new parents and those caring for ill relatives.

Canada's EI system was once among the most generous plans in the world, but tightened rules in 1996 brought surpluses in the billions of dollars.

CBC Digital Archives documents how employment insurance has evolved since 1941.

Packer plugin for Total Commander for convert from one image format to another.

*** Features *** - read many graphic formats including camera RAW; - save to PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP; - apply embedded ICC profile; - and some more.Mht Un Pack wcx and wdx plug-in version 2.1 This is a Total Commander plugin that allows to extract resources stored in Microsoft's MHT files.-- = = Capability = = -- - Decode quoted-printable, base64, 8bit, 7bit, binary, uuencode - Open file create with brouser IE, Opera, etc.- Open file create with mailer (*.msg)(Outlook not supported) - Open *.b64, *.uue, *file - Handling name in KOI8-R, UTF-8, UTF-7 - Decode name from quoted-printable, base64 - Delete file from archive - Pack file to archive - Search in unpack files - Wdx-functional Multi Arc allows viewing, extracting and modifying contents of archives that are not supported by Total Commander directly (e.g. Multi Arc translates the commands from Total Commander into corresponding external console archiver calls.You can easily add support for your favorite archiver by editing Multi Multi Arc MVV Build continues official Multi Arc version taken from its repository.