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So, I was the child who traveled with my father and became involved in the American G. I would respond that I was as close to my father as he would allow. He would analyze the players and the field, evaluate the situation and then plan a course of action.

My father believed in the Mexican tradition of the firstborn following in his footsteps. Since I was close to my father, many would ask what my father was really like.

He enjoyed learning about different cultures and languages. Cleo and other relatives would fill in the details.

Professor and former Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court, Cruz Reynoso has dedicated his life to public service championing the underdog in civil rights, immigration and refugee policy, government reform, and legal services for the poor. Information on Cruz Reynoso and the UC Davis Medal is listed below. The Forum, its Women's and Youth Auxiliary Forums, soon became an advocate for all Hispanics and broadened its activities throughout the states to promote civic affairs. At this event, Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef will present Professor Reynoso with the UC Davis Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the campus. Thus was born the American GI Forum dedicated to addressing problems of discrimination and inequities endured by Hispanic veterans. Garcia, MD was recognized by the Nation for his work in service to America and was presented the country's highest civilian award, the Medal of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan. Garcia's pioneer work for veterans and in public affairs was further recognized by the United States Treasury issuing a new series of Savings Bonds with the Bond bearing Dr. For information: [email protected]: 512-478-7612 [email protected] a Lifetime of Achievement, Cruz Reynoso Saturday - September 15 Location: Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center, Jackson Hall, UC Davis Time: - pm We hope you will join us to celebrate Cruz Reynoso who is recognized for his leadership in civil rights, immigration and refugee policy, government reform, the administration of justice, and legal services for the indigent. But these benefits were being denied in large part to Americans of Mexican descent and other Hispanics throughout the United States. Garcia, a physician from Corpus Christi, Texas, and in 1948 he was inspired to rally his former comrades-in-arms.

As millions of veterans returned home, many looked to the GI Bill of Rights, which guaranteed educational, medical, housing and other basic benefits.

We worked very hard to get this legislation passed and it was passed by concurrent resolution. OKLAHOMA CITY, September 6 / American GI Forum 2007 National Conference / -- The American GI Forum of the United States presented their highest award, the Dr. Mariana Tinoco is everything every American should strive to be in their daily life, and the Board agreed, unanimously approving her nomination. Out of the days of World War II arose stories of valor of America's young men and women and of hope and renewed idealism.

We are no longer invisible but a vital force in our country. Hector Garcia, our service to our country and valor on the battlefield. It is with great joy that I announce that the Texas Senate and House of Representatives have designated the 3rd Wednesday in September, the 19th this year, in honor of my father. Undoubtedly, this requires the dedication and unselfishness that only the courage of a dedicated individual such as Mariana can bring. Mariana has always been "highly visible" when the time came to put words into action to help the veterans.

We would depend on the intervention of Anglo Americans to correct injustices because we were powerless and had no voice. Today we hold elected offices, are educated and hold jobs with influence and visibility. She is an outstanding role model, always involved in the community and with today's youth, volunteering at the VA hospital in Palo Alto, and sharing her knowledge and resources. Tinoco has been a loyal and long time member of the AGIF and that her father placed great trust in her and always recommended her highly.

In the past we would have remained silent because of fears of reprisals. Senators that Burns include the experiences of Mexican American veterans in his World War II documentary. We have come a long way since the time when a funeral home director could refuse the use of the facilities because a family was Mexican American. Garcia Women Chapter, San Jose, California, at their 2007 National Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mariana Tinoco, a long-time resident of San Jose, has dedicated her life in service to our veterans and their families.

Today, I see the fruits of my Papas labor in the outcry of Mexican Americans against the Ken Burns documentary.