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I thought it might make the pizza..vinegary (not sure if that’s a word). The kids dug in and proclaimed it “pizza heaven.” Lo and behold, the Mediterranean is, hands down, one of the greatest pizzas I have ever eaten.

The gyros meat was tender and delicious and the combination of the other little goodies made for one great pie. We also followed up our heavenly pizza with an order of their cinnamon sticks. My kids ate them without even bothering to open the icing. I’m sure there will be people who may disagree with my love of Theo’s.

No, they do not make pizza on a cracker for those that love really thin pizza, but they do their best to accommodate a special request. Not too many – a veggie lover’s and smaller pizza sizes Budget-Friendly? Largest family-size pies are all under , average price -.

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Running errands one day, I decided to stop by and get a small pizza for myself.I ordered a pepperoni, black olive, roasted garlic and mushroom – my personal favorite.I picked it up and drove home as fast as the law allowed – the tantalizing smell in the seat next to me screaming “go faster!” Hurrying with the picture taking, I gloried in the first slice of pizza, followed by two more.The crust was chewy and delicious, and the sauce and ingredients were very fresh.

Typically I prefer a thinner pizza, but this pizza was really, really good. I asked the nice pizza-making guy if he could roll the dough out thinner and he obliged.

We ordered a simple cheese and the signature Mediterranean, which includes feta, olive oil vinaigrette, kalamata olives, tomatoes, pepperoncini, and gyros meat.

I was skeptical of the Med at first because of the olive oil vinaigrette.

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Kristin was right when she said that most people, including her, are always on the lookout for the holy grail of pizza. What one person claims as the greatest, the next will holler back “you, sir, know nothing about pizza.” So, much to my subjective dismay, I have found a pizza that, while not the Holy Grail, just may be the Excalibur of pizza.