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After four others were killed, Angie's other dear friend, Jeremy Hunter, who lived in Pine Valley when she was there but had moved to Corinth, was killed.It was then revealed that Gwyneth Alden was the murderer.

Soon, a little girl who was hurt arrived for treatment. Angie and Jacob soon became the girl, Kayla's, foster parents. One night, Angie was returning to the clinic, and walked in on some thugs.

They ran out, she fell, and was knocked unconscious.

When she woke up, they had written on the wall "Adopt One of Your Own." A social worker visited and said that a family wanted to adopt Kayla.

They took her away from Angie, and Angie was heartbroken.

AMC star talks about being booted from flight: All My Children's Jennifer Bassey (ex-Marian Colby) tells her side of the incident that got her kicked off a Delta flight last week. Chief of staff of Pine Valley Hospital Former director of the toxicology department at Pine Valley Hospital Physician, specializing in infectious diseases Member of the board of directors of Pine Valley Hospital Former director of the Greene Street Clinic in Soho Former staff physician at Corinth Hospital Former co-owner of the Steam Pit nightclub Former physician at Pine Valley Hospital Former candy striper at Pine Valley Hospital 46 Chestnut Street Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road, Apartment 5F (also mentioned as 718 Valley Road) Formerly 212 Greene Street, New York City, New York Formerly Corinth, Pennsylvania Formerly California Jesse Hubbard (1983; annulled) Jesse Hubbard (1983 to 1988; dissolved) Charles Harrison (1995; divorced) Jacob Foster (1996 to 2007; divorced) Jesse Hubbard (Invalid; recommitment ceremony: Apr 4, 2008) Frank Hubbard (son; with Jesse) Randi Morgan (daughter-in-law) Cassandra Foster (daughter; adopted with Jacob) Natalia Fowler (stepdaughter) Lucille "Ellie" Hubbard (daughter; deceased) Lucille "Ellie" Hubbard (Maya Mercado's daughter; Angie believed that the child was hers and raised her until Maya claimed her child) Kidnapped her baby after putting it up for adoption Violated a "do not resuscitate" order for a patient, Rebecca [Dec 10, 2008] Breaking and entering; broke into Wildwind to snoop through David's things [Jan 16, 2009] Obstruction of justice; lied to police about the results of an autopsy [Aug 21, 2009] Blackmailed David into stepping down as the chief of staff of Pine Valley Hospital [Nov 4, 2009] Blackmailed the head of the janitors' union into calling off a strike [Feb 16, 2010] Hospitalized after fainting [Feb 8, 2008] Pistol-whipped by Ray Gardner [May 23, 2008] Lost her vision after she contracted a viral infection [Jul 25, 2010] Suffered placental abruption [Mar 30, 2011] Underwent experimental stem cell treatment to restore her vision [Sep 2, 2011] All My Children: Angela Baxter arrived in Pine Valley in 1982.

She fell instantly in love with Jesse Hubbard, a boy from the other side of the tracks. Cindy was in love with Stuart Chandler, and they got married.After dating him for a while, Angie became pregnant. It turned out that it was Les Baxter, Angie's father. After Cindy died, Angie left Pine Valley, in 1990, with Frankie, and went to California, where she was taking a job in a hospital. Angela Baxter Hubbard arrived in the little town of Corinth, Pennsylvania.After she gave birth, she gave her baby, Frankie, up for adoption because she thought that Jesse was in love with another woman. Les pulled a gun on Jesse, and Jesse responded and killed him. It was just miles from her old hometown on Pine Valley, but she couldn't go there because there were too many memories of her deceased husband, Jesse. While in Corinth, she went to New York, and was kidnapped.When he confessed his love for her, they kidnapped their baby back. Angie and Jesse were living happily together, and got married. Angie was furious that Jesse had killed her father. In the end, she got out of it all right, and her soon-to-be husband, Charles Harrison, saved her.They ended up reconciling, but something terrible happened. She began to fall for a man named Jacob Foster, but she had to stand by Charles.Angie and Charles were married, even though she had those feelings. Angie's best friend in the whole world, Stacey Forbes, was murdered.