Intj and infj dating websites

I've had many of the experiences others report in the long list of reviews. Is it a good thing for the rest of us when you further contribute to the decline of society?

They will be friends with you for two wks and then using different reasons to ask you for money.And with one I did gave him the money, but then he continue to ask for more with larger sum, and then when you told him you have no more to give, he turns around and start criticizing about you and how bad of a person you are.But when asked "when will you return the money", he then blocked you on Whats App.This guy is using this ID call: **, with a telephone number of: **.Thanks, Ok Cupid Support." Apparently this is an auto generated email, and as soon as I received this I replied, but up until now, it has been more than 3 days, and no response from OKC at all!!! I was on for 2 months and just decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

I complained to Ok Cupid but I have no idea what they do with the info sent to them.

I have a folder filled with evidence that men on Ok Cupid steal photos to use on their profiles. I even contacted a businessman in Colorado to warn him that someone's using his photo.

There were a few photos of Russian actors, a real estate person.

And another guy name under ** also used excuses to ask you for money, and when you neglect him, he keeps on calling you via Whats App, his number is: **.

But what is the most annoying is that when I report to OKC about the fraud and scam, using this title "[Complaint] Why are there so many scams and fraud up here on okc?

" this was their reply:"Hi, Thanks for your message.