Informative essay on online dating

It is one of the most complicated, yet most desired virtues—it is what every human heart longs for.

Is that not why the most devastating thing a parent could say to his child is “I do not love you”? It is also why the love of God is one of the most amazingly precious truths—it is answer to our dominant longing. Love is usually associated with the marital relationship between a man and woman.

Historically, the common way to peruse marriage has been courtship and betrothal.

New freedom was given to teenagers—namely, four motorized wheels and a backseat.

Before the automobile, spending time with your lover without your family was rare.

Nowadays, it is rare to spend time with your lover together with family.

Because of this, a wave of unprecedented sexual freedom (that is actually bondage) has swept in that has not been seen since pagan times.

Since it is by nature a more interactive and global medium than newspapers, it was destined to be popular.

Perhaps there isn’t anyone compatible with you in your city, but maybe there is in another state or country. When I looked for articles assessing the negatives of online dating, I found very little.

In fact, I found only one article, and it was hardly what one could consider negative.

Now, I am sure there are articles available somewhere, but the point is that I could not find them easily and that means neither could someone wanting reasons why online dating could be personally and socially dangerous.

The Internet appeared around a century after the automobile.

We (or at least some of us) are currently watching how the Internet is shaping culture.

No technology is neutral, and all technologies affect culture for the better for the worse.