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Our tournament season begins in December and runs through the end of February (not including sectionals and state tournaments).

For further information about the Jr Red Raider Competitive Wrestling Team or our coaching staff, please visit us at you've wrestled, everything in life is easy. Walk up registration at Old School Wrestling Training Center or can be picked up and filled out at registration.

A mandatory parents meeting will be held the last week of October , the date and time will be sent to all Team families.But beliefs about the precise mechanism of justification is perhaps the most difficult to attempt to harmonize between Protestants and Roman Catholics.It was one of the most important theological disputes of the Reformation.It is also difficult to harmonize the beliefs of various Protestant denominations as they have evolved.All Christian faith groups use the same terms (baptism, grace, justification, sacrament, salvation, sanctification, etc.) but they often assign different meanings to the words.

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Youth Competitive Wrestling K- 8th Grade The Huntley Jr.

Red Raiders Competitive Wrestling Team is a member of the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF).