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There is no doubt that Line has enjoyed huge success in Japan and other global markets, but analysts told CNBC the firm could face challenges moving into markets where its brand presence is not as strong as its competitors.

"The main risk [to Line] is through the competition, from a growth perspective," Jiong Shao, regional head of internet research, at Macquarie Securities, told CNBC.

"If you are dominant in Japan, fine, but in order to grow further you may have to go to the Middle East or Indonesia.

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I even sometimes only use the stickers to express my feelings," she added.Line says 80 percent of its users are now based outside of Japan where it has 50 million users.In Southeast Asia it's already popular in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and India.The company has also ventured into Western Europe and Turkey, and is popular in Hispanic countries including Spain and Mexico.However, its user base is still outnumbered by Whats App in many countries.

For instance, Line has 13 million users in India, in contrast to Whats App's 25 million, but it claims to have gained its 10 million in just three months, a statistic likely to the nerves of its competitors.

(: Asian mobile chat apps challenge western dominance) Its exponential rate of growth is astonishing.

It took the firm 19 months to generate 100 million users, but it added another 100 in the next six months after that, and another 100 million again over the following four months, Line said.

Free messaging service Line has taken Japan by storm over the past few years, but can the company, which is posing a very real threat to the hugely popular Whats App, continue to expand at such a rapid pace?

Last week, Line, a subsidiary of South Korea's Naver Corp, reported its global user base had surged to 300 million registered users, up from 150 million in April.

Last month Whats App said it had 350 million active users, by contrast.