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Shri Gururajulu Naidu was one of the greatest proponents of the art of Harikathe story telling. Along with Achyuta Dasa and Keshava Dasa, he formed the trinity of Harikatha Vidwans. His Harmonist: Vidwan Shivaramu Gururajulu naidu also known as Arun kumar in Kannada film industry.Gururajulu Naidu popularised Harikathe in Karnataka by bringing out albums of Harikathe. A partial listing of Gururajulu Naidu's Harikathe are: Shri Gururajulu Naidu trained Harikatha to several disciples, few named as Shri N. He acted in movies like "Hannele Chiguridhaga""mooruvare Vajragalu"Madhu Malathi" his Co-Star in these movies are Dr. In Bangalore in his hanour a roundabout named by municipality called "Gururajulu naidu vruttha".Gururajulu Naidu's style of Harikathe is far removed from the slow and traditional style.

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