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Several of the game's missions feature swimming and diving as a critical element.

Then do the mission like usual until you get to the part where the chase begins. Head for the highway until you get to the beach right next to it and get on the ocean. Head toward Santa Maria Beach and when you get there, deactivate the Cars Float On Water Cheat just seconds before you get to the beach, which causes you to submerge. Note: Save the game closeby before you start the mission just in case if anything goes wrong.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a crime-themed open world action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and originally published by Rockstar Games for Play Station 2 in October 2004.It is the seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the third GTA game rendered in full polygonal 3D.

Players are introduced to new protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson as he departs Liberty City in 1992 and returns to his home state of San Andreas following his mother's murder in a drive-by shooting.

Upon arriving in Los Santos, CJ is harassed by corrupt police officers and finds his old neighborhood of Grove Street ripped apart by drug abuse and gang violence.

Along with his brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson and their friends, CJ sets out to become a major player within San Andreas' criminal underworld and reclaim the Grove Street Families' former prestige as a powerful and respected street gang.

In addition to the GTA series' established open-world gameplay, role-playing elements were introduced in San Andreas in the form of player attributes, which can be modified by performing certain activities such as eating, exercising and driving.

San Andreas also hosts a more diverse setting than its predecessors, with vast open countryside contrasting a variety of sprawling urban landscapes.

After its initial release, San Andreas was widely praised by critics and would go on to become the best-selling PS2 game of all time.