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Free Griffith’s Valuation, an invaluable resource for Irish genealogical research, references approximately one million individuals who occupied property in Ireland between 18.Griffith's Valuation established the value of all privately held lands and buildings, in both rural and urban areas of Ireland, in order to figure a rental rate for each unit of property as a basis for taxation.Available online as a free database from Ask about Ireland.

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The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) hosts online, searchable lists of these freeholders entitled to vote, or who voted, at elections.

More » Free Family Search's free historical record collections include land case files of the Pohnpei District Land Commission, one of the four states of Micronesia, with names and relationships of involved individuals. More » Free for Wales, Fee for Scotland & Ireland) Local government boards compiled a list of all owners of land over 1 acre from ratings records showing the holding, in acres, roods and poles, and estimated yearly rental.

One return was prepared for England and Wales, excluding the Metropolis, in 1873, and separate ones prepared for Scotland in 1874, and Ireland in 1876.

Valuation records provide us with information on properties within a townland or a street.

The c.1860-c.1930 Griffith's Valuation Revision Field Books are now available online from PRONI and cover the six counties of Northern Ireland. If you want to carry on looking for people and where they lived in a locality after 1930 then it will be necessary to switch to the Books and Maps of the General Revaluation of Northern Ireland.

I have included direct links to these two sites plus the 1901/1911 Census website, as well as providing copies of pages for every townland in Ireland with accompanying maps, is also an "exact match" database providing an important census substitute for the middle of the nineteenth century. Note that these books and maps are only available in PRONI, Belfast.

Also, you might want to look at this webpage 1830s Townland Valuation [Examples of some townlands from Co.

Londonderry and North Antrim] which contains copies of some pages from the 1830s Townland Valuation Books for a selection of townlands in Counties Antrim and Londonderry.

Remember the information on each of the properties was collected for taxation purposes.

Despite this limitation, the records provide us with important place information on land, houses and people which: The first general valuation of all houses and holdings in Ireland, officially known as the Primary Valuation of Ireland, was undertaken during the period 184664.

This valuation became better known as the Griffiths Valuation after the man in charge - Sir Richard Griffith [1784-1878].