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65% of students who sat the English Language exam this year achieved an A*-C grade while 76% of English Lit students achieved the same grade.However, with the new grading system (1-9) introduced this year, more differentiation will be provided between students achieving the middle and higher grades.

These subjects will contain new content and will be assessed and graded differently.Before the changes introduced this year, the most common measurement of success was 5 A*- C scores.Now, there is a new grading scale that uses the numbers 1-9 to identify levels of performance (with 9 being the top level).Those who fail to meet the minimum standard will be graded with a U – as before.If you’re looking for basic dates for the exams, this GCSE Exam Dates page contains details on dates for 2016 from the main GCSE Exam boards.

For information on setting goals, see our Revision Timetable page.Sign Up FREE If you’ve started the cycle this year, you will have already chosen your GCSE subjects.The percentage of students who achieve A*-C grades can vary greatly between subjects.Many GCSE Physics students find the subject a challenge.For some, achieving the level of knowledge and understanding to get an A--C grade means putting in extra work outside the classroom.Learners Cloud online revision videos for GCSE Physics take you through all the key concepts and topics, step by step, in a clear and simple way.