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I don't bother messaging anyone that hasn't at least written a paragraph or two about themselves. I just wish they had a filter in the advanced search that would filter out all the profiles that have less than 100 words in their profile section.There are loads of scam profiles and catfish but they are extremely obvious.If POF could somehow force their users to actually write a profile they would get a higher rating, as it is you find out nothing about the women on this website other than how the top half of their body looks after numerous photo attempts and filters have been applied.

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Most other dates have resulted in a feeling of meh, usually because people look very different to their photos or we don't have much in common.I was embarrassingly scammed and almost fell for someone who claimed to be working overseas and coming home in a months time.I felt it was too good to be true & finally found the same photos on facebook.I at least caught on before any money was asked of me and I would NEVER EVER send money, but POF did NOTHING when I reported it.This is one of three sites that I have used that was good enough to recommend to my clients.

I've met some lovely women here, though not my ideal life partner.Beware of the scammers, especially those who live overseas, are in the US army or are young gorgeous and look too good to be true.POF gives you plenty of room to be as detailed as you like with your profile.The only problem is no one seems to take advantage of this.I used this website a long time ago and women usually put a bit more effort into their profiles.These days there is nothing but a sentence describing their interest in friends, family, going out, travel, and wine/coffee - if you wanna know more ask! You can also expect a sprinkle of bitterness on profiles with complaints of repetitive opening messages and wanting to be entertained etc.