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If you think Filipinos are color-blind, we are not, and don't ask me why! It has received a major upgrade when its alphabet was changed from 20 letters to the current 28 letters (same as the English alphabet but with the addition of Ñ and Ng right after N).

Still, a lot of words has emerged during the last decades and the Philippines has borrowed a lot from other languages (international and local/ethnic).

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At present, some translated strings are paraphrased. Moodle will be the e-learning and distance learning platform of choice for Philippine national and regional levels.

Other foreign languages will also surely find its way to Moodle (Philippines) such as Chinese (can be used by Chinoys or Chinese-Filipinos) and Arabic (taught as a classroom subject for our Moslem brothers in some parts of the country including Mindanao).

Ultimate goal is to have Moodle implemented in various educational institutions (public and private, formal or informal) all over the country. Lilio II Pasig City, Philippines"brief list" I wich you all the best with your translationwork Julian! Know that the difficulties you mention go for a lot of languages.

If you have any query regarding the aforementioned information, or if you are a linguist or has a wider knowledge of the Filipino language and wanted to extend assistance, please do contact me. You'll find out that also the length of a translation can be a problem, since English appears to be a "short" language.

Also the importance of the context is well known among translators.

Usually I translate everything like I think it should be and then I use the translation on my own installation and I count on the language community to report bad translations.

Checking everything before publishing is almost impossible, because for a lot of expressions it is very difficult to find out where they are used in the software.

Once you've send your first piece of the translation, your sourceforge CVS-access can be configured.

Here is a brief list of some Filipino translation issues: The usage of some English words are different from Filipino.

For example, when translating 'Show this week to $a', the word 'to' could either mean a place or a person in Filipino.

Thus, 'Ipakita ang linggong ito sa $a' means 'Show this week to a place' and 'Ipakita ang linggong ito kay $a' means 'Show this to week to a person'.