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He explains that no paper cut has ever cut him this deep. Sheldon wants Amy upset so he tells them to go ahead.

Since Amy is going somewhere, Sheldon asks if they could walk together.Amy agrees until Sheldon tells him that he is glad they are going out again. Amy is heading over to Howard and Bernadette's to watch the wedding online.Sheldon tells her that they are his friends too and wonders why he wasn't invited.Amy surmises that maybe they thought the two of them being there together would be awkward.Leonard and Penny arrive in Las Vegas while the gang gathers at the Wolowitz house to watch their wedding online.

Sheldon pushes Amy to make up her mind about their relationship.

Leonard and Penny are at a Las Vegas wedding chapel and are picking out their wedding package.

Leonard finds one that has music, flowers and streams the ceremony on the Internet.

Penny has always wanted a wedding with a comment section; while Leonard wants to give gorgeous blondes hope that they can land a short near-sighted scientist. Amy is shocked that she didn't invited her and that she will try and catch the bouquet of from where she is.

Leonard wants to know if Penny wants to put it off. Sheldon hears Penny talking to Amy he wants her to know that he doesn't care.

She tells him that it's been long enough and she's ready to do it. Sheldon tells him that if he ever mentions going out with a girl he should roll his eyes at him like he does when he says dumb things. Penny says that Amy isn't missing anything special which shocks Leonard.