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Corresponce and other documents related to Mariano Paredes y Arrillaga, president of Mexico (January 4-July 28, 1846), pertaining to political and historical developments in 19th-century Mexico, primarily the 1840s. 1838); military governor of Jalisco (1841-January 28, 1843); Comandante General of Mexico (1841). Began military career in 1812; offices held include: brigadier general (1832); Minister of War (Dec.

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Paredes took command of the Mexican Army on June 20, 1846; his government ceased to function on July 28, 1846.

He was captured in an armed rebellion on August 4, 1846, and imprisoned, then exiled to Paris, France, in October 1846.

Paredes had returned to Mexico by September 1847 and participated in an insurrection in July 1848.

He was defeated by General Anastasio Bustamante, fled again to Europe, returned to Mexico under the general amnesty of April 1849, and died in poverty in Mexico City in September 1849.

The collection documents political and historical developments in 19th-century Mexico, primarily the 1840s.

Paredes' association with these events is reflected in correspondence dating from 1825 to 1849.

Correspondents include Antonio López de Santa Anna, Mariano Arista, José Joaquín de Herrera, Luis Parres, José María Tornel, and family members Josefa Cortés de Paredes, Manuel and José María Cortés, and Agustín Paredes y Arrillaga.

Also present in the collection are a number of anonymous letters; many appear to be copies of latters by Paredes, while others are signed with pseudonyms.

Among the correspondence are occasional financial and legal documents, registers of correspondence, literary productions, notes, and lists.

Materials dating from after Paredes' death until 1876 relate to various topics including Mexico's response to the European intervention and the personal affairs of individuals whose relationship to Paredes is undetermined.

Undated items include a list of names appearing in the collection and letters addressed to Paredes as president of Mexico, presumably written in 1846.