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The funnier the headline the more fun you will have. because it wont let me leave this blank Click To Add To Cart Don't read my profile... I don't listen to Justin Bieber I dont mind working but will you cook for me? my looks should be enough Future Soccer Moms Apply Here! I gotta go see about a girl I guess I am just that damn ugly I know how to spell "woman"I like shooting people! I smoke I choke I blow them o'si suck at online dating I wonder how my voice sounds when you read my page If a Penguin falls on the ice dose it make a sound?

Elevator Pitch is a concept management term that is often used in the business world.For example if a salesperson is looking to meet with a purchase manager to sell a product they need to be able to get their attention.When entering the building to meet with the manager a person see their picture as they walk to the elevator. After reading them go back and take a look at the current headline on dating portfolio. Example of Catchy Headlines Lioness is looking for a keeper Life is a zoo, come and get in my cage I am writing a harmony of life, want to be my Muse? Come and join me in my adventure known as life Looking for brains and brawns Let me shine some sun in your life Great cook- I can spice up your life Disneyland is not the only place where your dreams can come true If you like the gutsy type I am the trouble you would like getting into Lets make boredom become a thing in the past I am addicted to this site, become my mate and help me quit Have a seat and get comfortable as I introduce myself Don’t hit on my profile, hit on me Life is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, are you my 1%?They are alone in the elevator with the top manager of the company and only have a small amount of time to make a good impression. A woman has to get the attention of men and create an impression that will last. It being in love is a crime I am prepared for my time Funny Headline Ideas for Women Shopping for a great guy, and I was told no store existed I believe in mythical creatures include griffins and good men, please correct me if I am wrong U and I could become more than just vowels Finding a good man can be compared to nailing Jello to a tree, I am desperate to nail the Jello I you are not into coffee there are baseball games and movies My soul mate is my property, guys who can commit apply Waiting for my knight in jeans or tracks You don’t need a broom to sweep me off my feet Pickup lines don’t work with me Are there more than wimpy me on this site?Brassy lass looking for smart connection You can be my lover or my future ex- you won’t know unless you give it a try These are some examples that can be used by women.

Make sure follow the basic rules, keep it short, follow dating guidelines, and avoid clichés.

Readers want to read something original and creative.

Creative headlines will lead to some interesting responses.

Ladies that are single are looking to mingle and they are using online dating sites as the place to meet that someone special.

There are examples of headlines that will be able to get the attention of daters and allow a woman to enjoy the cyber dating scene.

If a woman is ready to increase the amount of response she is getting she needs to the headline on her profile.