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The Office of Sustainability works to incorporate sustainability concepts and criteria into all major university functions.Dalhousie’s College of Sustainability, a first in Canada, offers a common place for the study of sustainability-based problems.

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Within Halifax, the main bookstore is located on Studley Campus in the Student Union Building (SUB) and a second on Sexton Campus near the Engineering department.

Our third bookstore is on the Agricultural Campus near Truro, Nova Scotia.

During peak periods, such as the beginning of each term, we will post extended hours here.

Dalhousie’s three Halifax campuses are situated in residential areas, within easy walking distance of downtown Halifax.

Historic, ivy-covered buildings and well-kept grounds provide a beautiful and inspiring learning environment.

Throughout our campuses, you can sense that this university has been inspiring generations of Dal students to acheive their dreams.You will find everything you need on or close to the campus where you’ll study, including the Dal Bookstore and, of course, a variety of dining options.Our libraries offer state-of-the-art learning and research opportunities.You will have access to one of the largest university library systems in Atlantic Canada.Librarians will provide guidance and help as you work on class projects and research.As a student, you will have full access to Dalplex, our primary fitness and recreation facility.