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Lastly, if there was any entertainment/audio available, I was not aware of that. An explanation from the captain would have been terrific. There are not enough nonstop flight options between Albuquerque and Oakland on Southwest Airlines From Albuquerque to Los Alamos you have a choice between driving for two hours or flying for 25 minutes.

I made sure I was the last one to leave the plane and asked him about it when I saw him at the exit. It's an easy choice when the flight is relaxed and professional and the scenery is incredible. The flight was delayed a little bit for a GPS update.

He told me what happened but I would have liked to know while it was happening. :) Overhead storage was big enough for larger carry on luggage. The crew was great and the captain updated us regularly.

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I always fly Alaska because they have always been the most consistent in giving a good experience.

I arrived at my destination AA changed my flight plans which resulted in a 4.5 hour layover in Philly.

The gates were filthy, there is not much selection for in-flight food and nothing for entertainment.

I couldn't even find an outlet that worked at the gate.

Row 19 on a 737ER is great for room, as long as you don't plan on reclining (I rarely do in a daytime flight)A little overcautious regarding seating the cabin crew because of possible turbulence, but better safe than sorry, I suppose.

However, it is a common occurrence on this particular leg, so don't board knowing you might need to take a "break" before you get to Atlanta.lot of leg room, more than most if not all the airlines I have recently traveled on!we sat towards the front 3 rows..on among the first flight from JFK to ABQ was delayed an hour - would have liked to understood why! Boarding could have been handled a little better - felt sorry for the desk agent, she was on her on and people were obviously ignoring boarding by row instructions! All airline staff made me feel comfortable and welcome. The fee for printing a boarding pass was a complete surprise.Wasn't mentioned anywhere in the confirmation emails I received.Flight boarded late THEN sat in plane a long time for no apparent reason before taking off My flight attendant's name was Karen.