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Pls help – suggest products or home remedies…anything!

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Ive heard red sandalwood paste helps too, but don’t know if it will suit all skin types. I use it every day, leave it on for 10 mins (that is all I get time for) and wash off.

I use a homemade besan-haldi mask every day which helps. I take breaks in btween though, like I might use it two weeks at a stretch and then stop for two days or so. As I grow earlier, acne marks seem to be more stubborn. Reply i apply lacto calmine for oily skin as a moisturizer daily morning and night..

Reply My sis uses it with lime juice cos she has very oily skin. I use it with plain water since both milk and limejuice (I have combi-oily skin) break me out. after washing face with any facewash for oily skin it still shines in the mirror…you can see that your skin becomes matt after applying few drops of lacto calamine…but it helps the acne prob only if you use it 3 times a day with equal gap in between.

or else you will still get pimples.weekly gentle light handed but longer (30 min) exfoliation will get rid of dark regular peeling off your skin’s top layer…and no cream can give results until u get rid of dead skin..

I recently got married last year Nov, and after marriage I got a very bad bout of acne.

The doctor said it was because of some hormonal changes etc.

I was on medication (Azithral antibiotics) and he also prescribed a cream called Deriva CMS for acne.

Now, finally after 5-6 months the acne have reduced considerably, but as usual they have left behind scars on my skin.

I am using Oriflame Tea trea face wash and Aroma products – Mint Cleanser, Toner and Nourishing Due.

Sometimes I also use Neutrogena Face wash (the one which contains 2% salycylic acid).

All this keeps the acne in check, but the marks are still there which makes my face look very dull and dark.