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Leave your date's name and telephone number with that person. If you are flying in from another area, an important online dating tip is to arrange for your own car and a hotel room.

Do not disclose the name of your hotel and never allow your date to make the arrangements for you. As a final online dating tip, never do anything you feel unsure about.

If you are in any way afraid of your date, use your best judgment to diffuse the situation and get out of there.

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In this online dating tip you are advised to be on the lookout for odd behavior or inconsistencies. Photo will give you a good idea of the person's appearance, which may prove helpful in achieving a gut feeling about your correspondent. A valuable online dating tip is talking over the phone.Be concerned if your date exhibits any of the following conduct without providing an acceptable explanation:.Provides inconsistent information about age, interests, appearance, marital status, profession, employment, etc.Refuses to speak to you over the phone after establishing ongoing, online intimacy.Fails to provide direct answers to direct questions.Appears in person to be significantly different from his or her online persona.